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Baker, Jo
Instructional Technology Secretary

Staff Development Index

About This Section:

Welcome to our Staff Development area where we house all our public materials from our numerous trainings both past and present.

Authenticity Quest

Which school site empowers students life-long success through learning experiences which are authentic in nature?  Explore this self-paced webquest and learn how student engagement in the 21st Century means more than just student entertainment.

Elementary Report Card Resources

The initiative to add  21st Century Skills to the Elementary Report Card began during the 2009-2010 school year.  With the assistance from the Metiri group, TRUSD identified eight key 21st Century Skills.  A skill will be added will be added each trimester for the next three years.  Professional Development modules to support the roll-out of these skills are being collaboratively developed by the EdTech Department, Elementary Library Media Teachers, participating Principals from four different elementary school sites. 

Loop Camp

Get in The Loop: School Loop Summer Camp is open to all ability levels.  Each session focuses on empowering teachers in the most effective ways to use School Loop to support student achievement. Like with our SMART offerings, participants engage in an interactive, hands-on and collaborative environment.

Marzano Multimedia & Me

Robert Marzano's Classroom Instruction That Works, details the McREL research findings. These nine instructional strategies have highest potential to increase student achievement and supports the need for rethinking curriculum creation across all content-areas.  Session includes in depth exploration of these k-12 instructional strategies through the lens of Web 2.0 technology. Participants will experience a hands-on, k-12 collaborative session, in which we investigate the potential for the web to support and enhance both teachers' and students' classroom experience.


Every summer the EdTech department and IVS computing, partner to host SMART Summer Camp(s).  Campers sign-up by their ability level.  Each session focuses on developing and building the expertise of teachers with SMART Technologies. Participants engage in an interactive, hands-on and collaborative environment to build their capacity and create grade level/standards based engaging SMART lessons for use in their classrooms.

Technology Offerings Brochure

In this digital brochure you will find professional development opportunities that will help you more easily bridge the digital world your students live in with life in the classroom. All of the courses listed can be modified to meet teacher and site specific needs. If you are interested in scheduling any technology training, please contact Jo Baker at Ext. 50508