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Digital Ethics & Internet Safety

Digital Safety Presentation

About This Section:

In 2008, the Federal Government signed into law legislation requiring elementary and secondary school districts with Internet access to provide Internet safety education in order to receive federal funding through the E-Rate Program for Internet service. E-rate is a federal program designed to bring Internet connectivity and telecommunications into schools.  

Twin Rivers has selected Common Sense Media's E-rate and CIPA Toolkit for Teachers & Administrators.  In addition to being free for educational use, Common Sense's selection of lessons are engaging, practical, and effective.

Below are the designated lessons arranged by grade level.  Each lesson is approximately 45-60 minutes in duration. Complete lesson plans and materials  are provided. Most are direct instruction with discussion.  You may download and print material as needed however YOU MUST CREATE AN ACCOUNT with commonsensemedia.  We strongly suggest previewing the material prior to using it with your students.

All grade level icons and lesson descriptions are reproductions of the Common Sense Media materials.



Going Places Safely

Students learn that they can go to exciting places online, but that they need to follow certain rules to remain safe.

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First Grade


Sending Email

Students explore how they can use email to communicate with real people within their schools, families, and communities.

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Second Grade


Show Respect Online

Students explore what cyberbullying means and what they can do when they encounter it. Students learn about in-person and online communications, and how to write good emails.

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Third Grade


Follow the Digital Trail

Students learn that the information they put online leaves a digital footprint or “trail.” This trail can be big or small, helpful or hurtful, depending on how they manage it.

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Fourth Grade


The Power of Words

Students consider that they may get online messages from other kids that can make them feel angry, hurt, sad, or fearful. They explore ways to handle cyberbullying if it happens.

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Fifth Grade


Talking Safely Online

Students learn that the Internet is a great place to develop rewarding relationships. But they also learn not to reveal private information to a person they know only online.

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Sixth Grade


Safe Online Talk

Students consider scenarios in which they might feel uncomfortable or encounter inappropriate talk or behavior online. They learn to recognize online predators and rules for online safety.

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Strong Passwords

Students learn how to create secure passwords in order to protect their private information accounts online.

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Internet Safety for Parents

2014 Internet Safety


TRUSD Teacher Recommendation Lessons

Thumbs_Up.jpgHere you will find lessons recommended by fellow TRUSD colleagues:

Recommended Lessons

Administrator ERate Checklist


Use this checklist to guide your E-rate education planning. Complete the steps, sign a copy, and keep it on file along with your Internet safety policy adoption records.

Download checklist

Teacher Verification Doc


Your school and district need to keep a record of the Internet safety and digital citizenship education you've provided. Download and complete the Teacher Verification Document after you have taught the lessons required for your grade level(s). Return this document, along with any other  to your school administrator.

Download the Teacher Verification Document

Seventh Grade


Cyberbullying: Crossing the Line

Students learn to distinguish good-natured teasing from cyberbullying.

download lesson | view lesson | more


Trillion Dollar Footprint

Students learn that they have a digital footprint and that this information can be searched; copied and passed on, but that they can take some control based on what they post online.

download lesson | view lesson | more

Eighth Grade


Which Me Should I Be?

Students learn that presenting themselves in different ways online carries both benefits and risks.

download lesson | view lesson | more


Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding

Students learn about the difference between being a passive bystander versus a brave upstander in cyberbullying situations.

download lesson | view lesson | more

Ninth Grade


Private Today, Public Tomorrow

Students reflect on their responsibility to protect the privacy of others when posting information about them online.

download lesson | view lesson | more

Tenth Grade


Risky Online Relationships

Students think critically about developing relationships with people online.

download lesson | view lesson | more

Eleventh Grade


College Bound

Students learn that everything they or anyone else posts about them online becomes part of a public online presence known as a digital footprint.

download lesson | view lesson | more

Twelfth Grade


Taking Perspectives on Cyberbullying

Students learn about the dynamics of online cruelty and how it affects all of the people involved.

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