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Educational Gaming

Games By Subject Area:

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40 Sites for Educational Games

Borrowed from  Technology Tidbits: Thoughts of a Cyber Hero


ABCya - A great site for games and mobile apps for elementary students.


Academic Skill Builders - A wonderful site w/ learning through the use of multi-player games.  Also, there is an educational portal which allows for student tracking.


Arcoiris - A nice site for educational games in English and Spanish.


Braineos - Games based on flash card in a wide variety of subjects.


BrainNook - A fun site for students that focuses on English & Math.  Also, there is a teacher portal w/ lots of resources for educators.


Bubbabrain - Lots of game for all grade levels that allows teachers to create games too.


Cackleberries - A virtual world filled w/ educational games for kids 3 - 7 yrs old in a safe environment.


Clever Island - Excellent games for kids 3 - 8 yrs old in a wide variety subjects such as: Math, Reading, Spelling, etc.


Cookie - A great site for educational games and teacher resources.


Creativity Games - Learn through the use of creativity brain training games.


Creating Music - A fun site for learning music through the use of educational games and other online activities.


DimensionU - An innovative site for learning math in a 3D virtual world.


Fish Smarty - Excellent site for online learning through the use of educational games.  There is an educational portal for student tracking as well.


Fuel the Brain - A wonderful site to learn elementary skills such as: Math, Science, and Reading. Lots if educational resources too!


Funbrain - One of the most popular sites for educational games for kids K - 8 yrs old.


Funschool - A wide variety of games, activities, and videos for kids.


Game Classroom - Games for students K - 6th grade in Math and LA w/ lots of resources such as: worksheets, videos, and more.


Gamequarium - A popular site w/ lots of games in a wide variety of subject areas.


GameUp - A innovative site from the creators of BrainPop where the games are based on their interactive animated videos.


Kidz Page - A fun site for educational games PreK - 8th grade.


Learning Games for Kids - A great site for educational games on lots of different subject areas.


Lure of the Labyrinth - An innovative game for Middle school PreAlgebra students.


Magnahigh - Math games for K -12 w/ educational portal.


MinecraftEdu - A unique game based on the popular PC designed specifically for schools.


PhyFun - Physics based games for all grade levels.


Pipo Games - A nice site for educational games for ages 3 - 12 yrs old.  A paid site unlocks all the features.


Play Brighter - A fantastic site filled w/ educational games on a wide variety of subjects, built on their unique anime style interface.


Play Kids Games - A fun site for educational games in subject areas such as: Math, Vocab, and Geography.


Power My Learning - A great all-in-one site for education filled w/ games, videos, resources and more.


Sheppard Software - A nice site w/ lots of games on different subject areas.


Skoolbo - Wonderful educational games for core skills in the primary grade levels.


Spelling Connections - A cool site for Spelling and Vocab games w/ educational portal.


Teaching w/ Portals - A very innovative game based on the Popular console/PC game Portal, w/ lots of lesson plans to be found.


Tucoola - A great site for skill building games for the younger kids w/ student tracking.


Tutpup - A cool site for Math and Spelling where kids compete against each other.


Vedoque - A nice site for educational games PreK - 8th grade.


What2Learn - A excellent site for educational games where teachers can create games and track students w/ a paid account.


Yogome - A great site/company w/ lots of innovative games and mobile apps on recycling and more.


Zondle - Interesting games that support learning and can be embedded into a site.


ZooWhiz - A fun site for kids 5 - 15 yrs to develop Math and Reading skills by creating their own virtual zoo.