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Machado, Lucas
Educational Technology Coordinator
Shebley-Jonard, Scott
Educational Technology Coordinator
Baker, Jo
Instructional Technology Secretary

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Smart & The Common Core

About Us

Welcome to the Twin Rivers Unified School District's Office of Instructional Technology (EdTech).  We are dedicated to providing educational technology resources, training and support for the students, teachers, staff and community of TRUSD.  Learn more about the Educational Technology programs.

About Our Site

Our Department:  Contacts & General Information

Curriculum Resources: Links for lesson planning, subject specific curriculum content/ supplemental content. places to search for materials to build lessons.

Technology Tools:   Anything related to hardware, software, and webware regardless of it’s purpose so cheat sheets, cools links, subject specific games etc.

Staff Development: Workshops, presentations, initiatives, programs, all training events, links to past staff development archive which is hidden in our department section.

District Wide Adopted Technologies


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